Monthly Archive: September 2017

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‘Down to Earth’ 4×4 pick-up

by Huw Thomas, Chairman, Welsh Motoring Writers SSAnGYonG’S “Two Dragons” of korean legend symbolise a millennium’s devotion. nothing mythological about the Musso however, it means ‘rhino’ and ‘down to earth’ it is too. Initially...

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Genomic breeding values

by Dr Delana Davies, Farming Connect Knowledge Exchange Hub ThE first genomic breeding values for use in the UK beef industry have now become available. The pig and poultry sectors have seen rapid genetic...

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Tractor run

BETWS YN RHOS young farmers recently organised a tractor run with 30 tractors taking part. They started out in Plas Farm Betws yn Rhos and finished the run in Plas Isa Llannefydd. The event...