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HERE TO HELP: FUW assisting with SAF forms.

HERE TO HELP: FUW assisting with SAF forms.

OnE of the services offered to members of the FUW is assistance with the completion of the single application form (SAF) – also known as the IACS. In recent weeks union staff have, on behalf of members, processed and completed around 20 per cent of all the SAFs submitted in Wales, using their expertise to make this as pain-free as possible and securing an estimated £60 million for FUW members. The application window is, therefore, a very demanding time for county staff and I would like to publicly thank them for all their efforts and incredible commitment to ensuring that our members receive the best service possible. Many evenings and weekends have been sacrificed in order to deliver the service, yet despite this everyone has maintained a fantastic positive approach to their work that is so vital to members. When the Welsh Government pushed the application process online we made a commitment to support anyone in their application and that commitment has once again been demonstrated in recent weeks. Thank you to all our staff in county offices, a great job well done.

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