A healthy boost to Welsh red meat marketing

by Pip Gill, HCC brand marketing executive

A key aspect of our current marketing and campaign work is to highlight meat as a healthy component of a balanced diet. We are aware that there is a mass of information and mis- information spread by the press, on social media and online, particularly in regards to

red meat and how good it is for your health. One of our key priorities is to cut through the confusion and provide consumers with

accurate information about red meat and health to allow them to make informed and healthy choices.

As part of this work, we are working with Scottish and english levy boards (QMS and AHDB) in a nation-wide campaign to promote red meat’s health credentials across the Uk.

Our campaign video stars Welsh rugby legend Shane Williams promoting the benefits of including lamb in everyday meals. The video will be launched on the Monday at the Winter Fair later this month, with Shane also in attendance to perform in a special cook-off to highlight how versatile and easy it is to cook with Welsh lamb. It will be an event not to be missed so please do come and join us to get a slice of the action and a taster of the upcoming campaign.

later this month we will also be present at the ‘Nursing in Practice’ conference in Cardiff; a professional development and training event for nurses an healthcare practitioners. It’s a great opportunity to engage with health professionals with interactive displays, recipes and key information about the role of red meat in a balanced diet.

With a significant proportion of society (particularly teenage girls and young women) suffering anaemia or iron deficiencies, we’re also able to further push the message that Welsh red meat is a key source of iron.

This year Dr. Carrie Ruxton, who spoke at our conference last year, will be giving a presentation at the event discussing the role of red meat in a healthy diet and whether the rise in vegetarian and vegan diets is good for our health.

This engagement with healthcare and nursing professionals should further convey the positive messages about red meat and health through schools, families and communities.

Welsh red meat is a fantastic and natural source of protein, iron and key vitamins, which in turn aids muscle growth, supports the immune system and helps with mental function.

This, paired with traditional farming methods and high welfare standards shows that Welsh red meat really does have a great story to tell so we are looking forward to sharing these messages with consumers and the public in the coming months.

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