A new chance to join the Hill Ram Scheme

by Gwawr Parry, HCC Flock Genetics Executive

At the end of 2019 we completed dNA sampling on our 29 hill Ram Scheme farms. over 6000 dNA samples were taken as part of the project for farmers to monitor dNA parentage within their flocks. our seven Leader Flocks have received their first set of results and our 22 Phase 1 farmers are going into their first lambing season as part of the project.

the Scheme is dedicated to the improvement of the hill sector – which is a vital part of the Welsh sheep industry. the aim is to empower hill farmers to enter the world of performance recording without the need to change their current system

– so as hill farmers can make informed, data-based decisions to achieve their flock ambitions. It is also hoped that these benefits will trickle through Wales’ stratified sheep system.

the Scheme is part of the Red Meat development Programme – hcc’s 5-year strategic initiative to enhance and improve the red meat sector in Wales. It is funded through the Welsh Government and the eU Rural development Programme.

We have a very wide range of farmers involved in the project, stretching from the Preseli mountains, to Snowdonia National Park. Many farmers are looking to achieve different things within the Scheme: some are looking to improve lamb liveweight gains, some are looking to improve ewe performance whilst others wanted the added benefit of eBVs for selling breeding rams. Part of the beauty of the Scheme is that farmers can use the results to help achieve their long-term business aims.

Now, we are opening up the opportunity for more hill farmers to join the scheme and start their own journey in the world of performance recording. each participating flock will receive support in recording the genetic performance of their flocks – be that through either manual or eId recording. they will also receive guidance on analysing and interpreting genetic data to help inform their future flock planning decisions as well as specialist training and marketing advice on how to promote and sell their rams. An expression of Interest window opened in early January and will close on March 31 – hopefully allowing enough time for farmers to think about the process and sign-up in betweenthethroesoflambing.toregisteryourinterest, go to the hcc website and fill in the online form or, in the meantime, get in contact with us at hcc if you would like more information on the Scheme.

Ar ddiwedd 2019 cwblhaodd HCC samplu DNA ar 29 o ffermydd Cynllun Hyrddod Mynydd. Cymerwyd dros 6,000 o samplau DNA fel rhan o’r prosiect i ffermwyr fonitro DNA teuluol eu diadelloedd. Mae ein saith Diadell Arweiniol wedi derbyn eu set gyntaf o ganlyniadau ac mae ein 22 ffermwr Cam 1 ar fin dechrau’i tymor ŵyna cyntaf fel rhan o’r prosiect. Am ragor o wybodaeth am y cynllun, cysylltwch â HCC ar 01970 625050.


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