A sneaky peek behind the scenes

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Dewi Evans, who started their working career with the FUW almost
at the same time, keep FUW Insurance Services ship‐shape in Pembrokeshire. We had asneaky peek behind the scenes to meet them both and find
out what their averag e d ay looks like.

Melony Richards is the FUW Insurance Services Account Executive for Pembrokeshire and has worked for the union for nearly 1 8 years.

She looks after a portfolio of insurance customers and generates quotes for new clients, as well as providing various quotes for current customers, negotiates on renewals and carries out other day‐to‐day work as necessary whilst working closely with Dewi in the office in Haverfordwest.

Melony tries to be in the office for two days a week, dependant on farm/client visits. The remainder of her time is spent working from the home office

She says: “Sometimes my day starts at 6.30am, if I’m working from home. When I’m in the office I start around 8 .3 0 ‐9 am and usually manage to finish by 5 pm but at home it is usually later.

“My average day will have me dealing with a host of different things such as phone calls, dealing with customers, obtaining quotes, negotiating insurance renewals, and answering queries i.e. changes of vehicles, claims issues and making changes to current policies.”

It’s not just the day‐to‐day job that keeps Melony entertained and on her toes at work. People she says, definitely add a splash of colour to her day.

“People are the most interesting aspect of the job. There are so many colourful characters. I have learned so much, especially from the older generation. You get to know the customers and their families so well and I have experienced strange and wonderful things in this job. One day, I will write a book!”

What does it take to be an account executive though? “You need to be a good listener, be open minded and be able to put yourself in your clients shoes. There is always something to do, it’s a never ending job and on no day can you say at 5 o’clock that’s it I’m finished. That hasn’t happened in nearly 1 8 years ‐ it’s always ongoing. Sometimes it’s

challenging but the people make it worthwhile. I am very lucky to be able to say that I love my job,” she says.
At home, near Hermon, she lives with her 2 0 ‐year‐old son and she counts herself fortunate to live near where she was brought up and close to her family and friends. When Melony is not at work, she is a trustee at the local community centre, where she is also on

the events committee arranging various events throughout the year.
Having started her working life as a travel agent she enjoys arranging holidays for friends and family, all over the world ‐ she will be

visiting the Grand National and Las Vegas herself this year! She likes to catch up with friends, reading and enjoys days and evenings out.


Dewi Evans is the FUW Insurance Services Account Handler for Pembrokeshire and has worked for the union for 1 8 years.

Before joining the FUW team Dewi worked at NatWest bank for 24 years and then for a short period for Ceredigion County Council.

Travelling in from Cardigan every day, Dewi’s day in the office starts at 9am. “On dry days I take the train these days and walk from the station to the office in Haverfordwest, where I work with Melony.

“In my role as an
account handler I’m
responsible for creating a professional experience for new and existing customers, providing administrative support to the Insurance Account Executive, handling all incoming enquiries, as well as being the first port of call for customers.”

He also facilitates the smooth running of the insurance operation in the county and deals with claims registration and reporting.

Dewi further deals with Regulatory and governance and compliance requirements (e.g. FCA, TCF, Insurance Act 2015, SoDaN, Financial Sanctions Check & DPA) and needs to fully understand and document the clients’ needs and make recommendations accordingly.

On a regular basis he turns customer requests and needs into correct tailor‐made policy covers, issues cover notes and amends customer policy schedules.

Speaking about the job, he said: “I enjoy my work. The people and customers I work with make it very interesting.”

When Dewi is not at work he enjoys spending time with his children, swimming, walking, nature, reading newspapers and keeping up to date with the farming news. He has been the treasurer of the ‘Cylch Cinio Teifi’, a Welsh dinner club in Cardigan, for a number of years

Dear Dafydd

Do you have
an insurance related question?
Ask FUWIS Account Executive Dafydd –
he’s here to help

What d oes Driving Other Vehicles Mean on my Motor Car certificate?

The extension covers the policyholder only and does not apply to any other named drivers on the policy and the cover provided is third party only, meaning any damage caused by the driver to the vehicle they are travelling in is not covered. This only applies to Motor Cars and must be clearly stated on the certificate of insurance. Driving Other Vehicles is only supposed to be used in an emergency and is not intended as universal cover for any vehicle. The driving other vehicles extension will never apply on policies in joint names or company names. It is important to note the other vehicle should already be insured elsewhere. It does not cover Commercial or Agricultural vehicles.

I send my sheep on winter keep to aFarm in Shropshire. I check the fencing when I take them there, I have often wond ered who is responsible if my sheep stray on to the road or nearby property and cause an accid ent. Surely I cannot be responsible as I d o n ’ t o w n t h e g at e s o r F e n c i n g ?

Yes, you are strictly liable as owner of the animals (sheep) at all times while they are in your ownership even if you have not been legally negligent, hence the importance of Public liability insurance if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation with your animals straying. You should notify your insurer of the location of the animals. The landowner of the winter keep farm MAY also be jointly liable as the animals are in his custody and control, but that does not exclude you from any liability.

I Have started to d o some lig ht Ag ricultural contracting to supplement the farm income, d o I need separate Public Liability insurance as well as my Farm insurance?

Yes, you will need the extra cover. Without knowing the full details regarding turn over and the exact nature of the contracting, it is usually possible to add the extra Public Liability cover to your existing Farm insurance as a diversification. Your policy ‘business description’ must reflect all your business activities. I recommend that you contact your insurance account executive to discuss this and he/she will advise accordingly.

All the above are gu id elines, contact you r FUW Insu rance Agent for a more in‐d epth answers.

Send me your questions: ytir@fuw.org.uk
or via post to: FUWIS, 1 5 Watling Street, Llanrwst, Sir Conwy, LL2 6 0 LS by April 1 8

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