Authentic leadership and how being you is enough

An exciting seminar that will look at what being authentic really means, overcoming self-doubt and having the courage to develop a business that reflects who you are will take place at the Royal Welsh Show on Wednesday July 25 at the FUW pavilion. Delivered by Helen Howells (pictured right), of Hwylus, we look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be an

inspiring event.

About Hwylus

Hwylus is about making great things happen in your business. Bringing fresh ideas and asking insightful questions to make a difference to your work through our consultancy. Hwylus can support you with research, marketing, business development and performance coaching.

About Helen

Helen is fascinated by people and places. She loves to pick apart at the mechanics of things and understand how they truly work. With a keen interest into the working of the mind, and the working of the land, she’s spent most of her career developing holistic opportunities to improve rural communities. By founding Hwylus, she brings her background in Sustainability, Visitor Experience and Heritage to inspire rural business.

Authentic Leadership and How Being You Is Enough

Long term success comes from knowing who you are and knowing what you want. How can you achieve either of these by living an imitation?

Being authentic in leadership and business is about developing your personal brand, one with real soul. Having the confidence to live your values and feel the intensity of the passion for what you do.

They say that people like people who are like them, and it can be easy to adopt the traits and behaviours of what you think ‘a leader’ should be, to be accepted.

Many of us also feel that we aren’t experienced, knowledgeable or (insert your own issue) enough to be a leader.

What if I told you that you are more than enough as you are, and just by being you, you can have a huge impact on your business?

Come along to explore how you can instil the values of authentic leadership into your business, feel confident bringing more of yourself to your work, and reap the benefits.

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