Book your SAF appointment, FUW encourages members

IT’S that time of year again when we start thinking about Single Application Forms (SAF). The application window opened on Monday March 4 and the FUW is reminding its members that county staff are here to help and ready to take the stress of filling the form away from you.

The FUW provides this free service exclusively to all paid-up members as part of their membership package, which has proved invaluable for thousands of members over the years – saving them time and a paperwork-headache.

FUW managing director Alan Davies said: “Our staff are not only well trained but very well practised in dealing with the complex application process.The SAF completion process is probably the single most important form completion exercise being carried out by Welsh farmers since 2004, and the financial repercussions of errors on the forms are severe.”

Since the Welsh Government mandated that all applications should be done online, the FUW is focused on providing the best possible service to its members.

“I encourage our members and first time form fillers to contact their local office as soon as possible to book an appointment if they need help in filling out the form,” added Alan Davies.


• RPW Online user ID and password, if you have not already provided it to us.
• 2018 SAF copy.
• Copies of any Manage My Land forms submitted during 2018 and/or 2019.

• Details of any new land to be added to your form including field numbers, their sizes, a map and the owner’s contact details.
• The start and end dates of new or renewed agreements for any rented land which you may have. This includes both written and verbal agreements.

• Your mobile phone number and/or e-mail address.
• Your full agreement and scheme maps if you are in, either, Glastir Entry, Glastir Advanced or a farm woodland scheme. In addition, if you opted for the dairy uplift under Glastir you will need to provide a copy of your
milk contract or a letter from your milk buyer confirming that your contract covers the 2019 year. If you opted for Option 37, ‘UK native breeds at risk’, you will need to submit either the individual pedigree certificates or the breed society’s herd, flock or stud book. • Your farm assurance scheme number/s.
• Your original certificate and field schedule from your organic certification body and your Glastir Organic contract.

• Original seed labels if you are growing winter and spring varieties of the same crop.
• Details of any entitlements which you have traded, through sales, purchases or leases.

• A copy of any queries received from Rural Payments Wales with regards to your 2018 SAF, including remote sensing inspection reports.
• Total approximate stock figures for the following categories:

– All dairy cows, bulls and replacement heifers 6 months old and over but under 24 months.
– All dairy cows, bulls and replacement heifers 24 months old or over.

– All beef cows, bulls and replacement heifers 6 months old and over but under 24 months.
– All beef cows, bulls and replacement heifers 24 months old or over.

– All store/finishing cattle 6 months old and over but under 24 months.
– All store/finishing cattle 24 months old or over.
– All sheep over 6 months old.

– Pigs, goats, poultry, horses and any other livestock.

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