BPS to continue at same level of funding

by Kathryn Williams,
Davis Meade Property Consultants

NeWS that farmers in Wales will be paid the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in 2020 at the same level as in recent years will enable farmers to plan their farming year with greater confidence.

It has also been announced that the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in Wales is likely

to continue in 2021,
meaning that the
transition to the
proposed new Land
Management Programme will not start until 2022.

Support for Wales’ rural economy and environment will also be maximised after Brexit by transferring 15 per cent of the 2020 budget for the BPS to support rural development in 2021/22.

Under the common Agricultural Policy, member states and administrations are permitted to transfer up to 15 per cent of their BPS budget to their Rural development budget.

this funding can be invested in a range of important schemes and priorities including: reducing carbon and greenhouse emissions, delivering water and air quality improvements, improving habitats and species, planting trees and supporting food and drink businesses.

the vast majority of farmers will already have received their 2019 BPS payment and they should also have received a BPS statement. check this statement carefully for errors and query them immediately.

If you have made changes to land parcels for 2020 you must inform the Welsh Government of transfers within 30 days of the change(s) taking place. You can do this by completing a ‘Manage My Land’ submission, using your RPW online account to notify any changes to ownership or tenures of land or to register new land or notify changes to permanent features or field boundaries.

You must declare only the land you have at your disposal on May 15, not any land you own but have rented out. do not declare land that you occupy if the tenancy has expired by the cut-off date.

RPW will carry out initial checks on your submitted SAF to identify any differences between your declaration and the mapped field information held. RPW will also check to see if any of the land included on your SAF has also been declared by another claimant.

BPS is claimed at RPW online via a Single Application Form (SAF) and the deadline for submitting your SAF 2020 is midnight, May 15. entitlement transfers in Wales must be completed by midnight April 30, 2020 through the RPW online account.

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Mae’r newyddion bydd ffermwyr yng Nghymru yn derbyn yr un lefel o Gynllun Taliad Sylfaenol (BPS) yn 2020 ag yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf yn galluogi ffermwyr i gynllunio eu blwyddyn gyda mwy o hyder. Cyhoeddwyd hefyd bod y Cynllun Taliad Sylfaenol (BPS) yng Nghymru yn debygol o barhau yn 2021, sy’n golygu na fydd y newid i’r Rhaglen Rheoli Tir newydd arfaethedig yn dechrau tan 2022. Bydd cefnogaeth i economi ac amgylchedd gwledig Cymru hefyd yn cael ei gynyddu i’r eithaf ar ôl Brexit trwy drosglwyddo 15 y cant o gyllideb 2020 BPS er mwyn cefnogi datblygiad gwledig yn 2021/22

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