Brand re-launch

WE’VE updated our brand. Gone are the grass leaves waving in the wind, and the icons of vehicles, animals and buildings. Instead you’ll see large attractive images representing each insurance topic, a cleaner open format with more white space, and text that’s easy to digest, (see above).

FUW is central to our brand identity and purpose, so our logo hasn’t changed, we’ve just made it bilingual to make it inclusive for all our customers and of course, all new pieces of literature will be bilingual or available in either Welsh or English depending on your preference.

We’ve made sure that our new brand is sustainably resourced and all paper used is FSC certified. All the information can be emailed too if you prefer an online copy, just get in touch with your local office for more information.

See all our new leaflets and banners in your local market and at summer shows! Plus look out for more new designs coming this summer for advertising, pvc banners and trailer!

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