Committed to working together

The New Year was off to a flying start with FUW President meeting the newly appointed Secretary of State for Wales, Simon hart MP on the first working week of January.

The meeting, held in Cardiff, was a positive and open discussion about the key issues of the day and was also an excellent opportunity for both the President and the Secretary of State to get to know one another.

FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “I was encouraged by the
positive nature of our meeting, we discussed Brexit, but perhaps more importantly the details of the withdrawal and implementation periods and the absolutely critical need to secure trading arrangements with the eU before the end of this year.”

In addition to trade, there was much discussion on the Secretary of State’s intention of developing positive relations in Wales and of a commitment to deliver on manifesto commitments.

The scourge of TB was also discussed even though it is a devolved matter, but it does impact Simon hart’s own constituency considerably.

The meeting ended with all present committed to working together positively and will be followed by at least two other meetings with the Secretary of State or his officials in January.

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