Dairy industry needs government support

DAIRY UK has launched its manifesto for the British dairy industry, setting out what the industry expects of the main political parties as they prepare to fight the forthcoming general election in May.

To ensure a sustainable and competitive future for the dairy industry, the manifesto stresses that the industry needs government support to:

* promote British milk and dairy as nutrient-rich foods in a healthy and balanced diet;

* maintain a safe and secure dairy supply chain in the UK;

* guarantee an environment which facilitates growth and development in the industry.

Dairy UK chairman Billy Keane said: “Our industry is a UK success story. It employs in the region of 80,000 people and the capital investment by leading dairy companies has more than doubled over the last decade.

“There are, however, a number of ways in which the Government can step up support for British dairy products. “It is important that the Government recognises the nutritional qualities of dairy and encourages consumers to buy British.

“We would also like Government to consider measures aimed at easing the burden of red tape around exports, such as creating a one-stop shop for export health certification, in addition to minimising the burden of regulation through sympathetic planning laws and encouraging competitive energy costs.”

Dairy UK chief executive Judith Bryans said: “Dairy is vital to Britain’s economy, environment and diet and therefore it is clearly within the Government’s interest to ensure that the industry is well-supported.

“This manifesto will provide the new Government with all the information it needs to make the right decisions on behalf of the dairy industry.”

The manifesto can be downloaded at: http://www.dairyuk.org/files/20 1502_Dairy_UK_Manifesto_Ge neral_Election.pdf

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