Dairy UK calls for mandatory country of origin labelling

DAIRY UK chief executive Judith Bryans has
expressed disappointment that an EC report
found voluntary country of origin labelling may
be a more suitable option for dairy products than
a mandatory system.
Dr Bryans said there is obvious consumer demand
for clearer information on the country of origin of
food products as illustrated by the existing rules
for fresh meat within the Food Information to
Consumers Regulation.
“Therefore, it makes sense to take the next step
and introduce these requirements for milk and
milk used as an ingredient in dairy products.
“A mandatory labelling system would help the UK
dairy industry showcase its products and reassure
consumers on their provenance.
“Our milk, our cheeses, our yogurts and all our
great British dairy products are a staple of the UK
diet and we should be proud of what we produce.
“Country of origin labelling should be more than
just an option but a strong recognition of the
British dairy industry’s hard work to deliver
nutritious and wholesome products to consumers.
Dairy UK has called for mandatory country of
origin labelling for many years, with the support
of Defra and the Dairy All-Party Parliamentary
Group, and will keep a close eye on further developments.

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