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I am constantly being called by Scammers trying to get access to my computer stating there is something not right on the line and so on. As over the last 3 years I have placed all my records (Sheep, Cattle, Livestock Movements & Farm Accounts) on my Laptop. As local Banks have closed I now do a lot of internet banking as well. Is there any insurance available to protect me losing data to Scammers? I have heard of CYBER Insurance, what exactly is this?

Cyber insurance is cover available for you to take out  in case your business becomes the victim of a cyber-attack – for example, if a piece of malware infects your computer system, or a breach in security leads to a massive data theft.These attacks can have drastic consequences, especially for smaller companies who may not have the budget to cope with the potential damage.

Most modern businesses need cyber insurance, as many companies conduct a significant proportion of their activity using a computer system or the internet. While this has made communication and connectivity much easier and more convenient, it also means that the entire infrastructure of a business might be vulnerable to cyber threats. give your local Account executive a call, they will explain the covers available and give you a quote.

I own a Dairy Farm and have several agricultural vehicles, three of them never leave the yard – the scraping tractor, load-all and the ATV – hence I have never insured these vehicles. Am I right in thinking that if there was an unfortunate accident on my farm whilst driving one of these vehicles would the Farm Public Liability cover me in an event of damage to someone else’s car or van?

NO, your Farm public liability will not cover damages to third party vehicles if your vehicle has its own means of movement (engine, wheels, steering.) The law says that you must normally have at least third party motor insurance if you drive or own a vehicle that operates in a ‘public place’. The definition of a ‘public place’ is often the subject of  debate. A working farm, or indeed any other business, that members of the ‘public’ attend could easily be regarded as a ‘public space’. If you have a public footpath crossing any part of your farm, then that is certainly a ‘public place’. A little known eU ruling, now enshrined in UK law – the ‘vnuk ruling’ follows the serious injury of a farmer worker knocked off a ladder by an uninsured farm vehicle and requires that vehicles operating on private land have a minimum of third party cover. You must also have a minimum of third party insurance if you leave it parked on the street, on your driveway or in your garage. Farms are always busy areas with people not involved in your farming activities visiting the farm, the postman, feed reps, parcel delivery vans and so on. We as a company come across claims now and again when a farmer has reversed accidently into such vehicles. With the best will in the world accidents do happen. My advice is for you to review your motor insurance policy with your Insurance Account executive and recommend that you place a minimum of third party insurance cover on all your vehicles.

Is produce cover index link, I have had a very good year in the harvest, should I review the sum insured I have on my Farm Policy?

Check with your Account executive who will advise if it is index link or not.IIndex Linking is a useful element of cover that ensures Sums Insured keep up with inflation. However, it is also absolutely essential to review the Sums Insured of Produce – and all property insured – to avoid ‘under insurance’ as the value of grain, hay, straw, silage vary from one year to another and usually depends on the weather during the summer. give your Account executive a call who will be glad to assist.

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