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My Mother has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, does she need to let her insurance company know? And will it affect her Insurance Premium?

Yes, she needs to inform the DVLA and the Insurance company. All Material facts including Medical conditions

need to be notified to the insurance company, in this case having Diabetes in itself will not have a bearing on your car insurance policy, however, if your

treatment, such as insulin, requires you to have a restricted licence,  then it may affect your premium. Insurers are not permitted to discriminate against someone with a disability if you hold an unrestricted licence and have not been advised to restrict or avoid driving.

What is the benefit of having legal expenses cover as an add-on to my farm business policy?

On Some Farm combined policies there is a house Section and Business Section, it is possible to have Legal expenses cover on both. On the house Section the cover is for family legal expenses, insurance could cover your legal costs in the event of a dispute relating to your home, your employment, a personal injury or a transaction for goods or services.

Commercial Legal expenses is for your Business, this protects your business against the cost of commercial legal advice and representation needed as a result of employment disputes, legal defence costs, property protection, bodily injury and tax protection. You might ask ‘Do I need legal cover on both home and car insurance?’ – Motor Legal expense cover is there to protect you, financially, if you need to raise a claim against another driver. With legal cover in place, your insurance will pay a solicitor’s fees associated with making your claim – often amounting to more than you’d think. Ask your Insurance Account executive for a quote, they will be glad to advise you accordingly.

In all potential legal expense claims the details need to be referred to your insurer before taking any action. Insurers will consider the facts presented and there will need to be a reasonable chance of success before the insurer will take on the case. Your insurer is unlikely to indemnify you – that is pay your costs – for legal action you have taken without first referring to the insurer.

My son has just had a job on a farm which includes a rented house for himself and family, what insurance does he need?

The landlord has no ‘insurable interest’ in the tenants property, consequently it will be his responsibility to insure his house contents and any personal possessions they own. If there is any upgrade that he will do to the house this might come under tenants improvement section. Basically, the contents is what he would take away from the house if they move, tenants improvements might be a new kitchen or bathroom, personal possessions can be unspecified or specified individual items such as hearing aid which would be covered outside of the home in an event of a claim. household Contents insurance also gives personal liability cover for the tenant and family living with him as occupier of the property. Cover is ‘worldwide’ and is valuable protection.

Some tenancy agreements make the tenant ‘contractually’ liable to insure the buildings as well so worth checking the tenanacy agreement.

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