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What tractor can my 16-year-old son drive legally on the road following passing his agricultural driving test?

Having passed a driving test he may drive a tractor on the road provided the overall width is not more than 2.45 m (8ft), the vehicle is licensed as an Agricultural vehicle, the tractor is mounted on wheels, it is not drawing a trailer other than a two- wheeled one or a close couple four-wheel trailer, neither being in excess of 2.45m (8 ft). He should be noted as a driver on the tractor insurance Policy. It is important to remember that a 16- year-old driving on a Provisional Licence can ONLY drive a tractor on the road whilst going to (or returning from) a formal Agricultural Vehicle driving test.


Do I need insurance business use on our family car on the farm , which is used occasionally to visit the vets and feed merchant by my wife when she is in town?

Yes. If the purpose of the journey is only partly business related business use is required as well as social domestic and pleasure. I cannot think of any circumstances where I would recommend NOT including Business Use on any vehicle, private car or otherwise, that is used even occasionally on farm business. Usually Business Use is added on farm vehicle policies automatically, please check your schedule and insurance certificates or contact your Insurance representative who will gladly advise accordingly .


I have heard a lot about “under insurance” relating to farm buildings. Can you please advise how this is calculated and what formula is used. What are the implications of under insurance?

You are right. Under insurance is a major factor in insuring farm buildings and will become a problem in an unfortunate event of a Claim. Very simply Under insurance is worked out Sum Insured ÷ Value at Risk x the loss = settlement figure. For example a building correctly insured at £30,000 re-building cost £30,000 suffers a storm damage loss of £10,000 = payment £10,000 subject to excess and maybe policy terms. A Building under-insured at £30,000 with a re-building cost of £50,000 storm damage £10,000 = Payment £6,000 subject to excess and maybe policy terms.

ALL valid claims, however small or large, are reduced in proportion to the under insurance. Your Account Executive will discuss the implications of under-insurance with you when reviewing the sums insured of your buildings, livestock and other property at risk. Your FUW Insurance services Account Executive is always there to help.

All the above are guidelines, contact your FUW Insurance Agent for a more in-depth answers.  Send me your questions: or via post to: FUWIS, 15 Watling Street, Llanrwst, Sir Conwy, LL26 0LS by March 22.

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