Decades of farming – in print

FUW members in Denbigh and Flint were remembering their farming past, when the county branch invited them to a coffee morning as part of a clear up of the office.

“The oldest file in our library dates back to 1957, and belonged to one of the founder members of the Denbigh branch, R J Evans of Hafod Fawr, Llanrwst. His son Mathonwy Ifan called in to collect the file, you can imagine how thick that was,” said County Executive Officer Mari Jones.

“And our members really enjoyed reading through all the different issues that have been raised over the years. The county staff have dealt with all kinds of matters over the years, supporting farmers’ planning applications, common land issues and the like, in much the same way as now, although now everything is transmitted by email,” she said.

“And it was nice to see faces of some of the members we had not met for a while, and catch up on the gossip.”

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