Details of HMG response to Yellowhammer report should also be published

DEtAiLs of UK Government actions taken in response to the dangers highlighted in the Yellowhammer Report should also be published, the FUW has said.

‘Operation Yellowhammer – hMG Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions’ was published on september 11 following a vote on september 9 in the house of Commons. the six-page report summarises the broad range of dangers that would or could accompany a no-deal Brexit, including civil unrest, road blockages, human and veterinary medicine shortages, food shortages and smuggling.

the document states that “the agri-food sector will be the hardest hit, given its reliance on highly integrated cross-border supply chains and high tariffs and non-tariff barriers”.

Responding to the document, FUW President Glyn Roberts said: “the dangers highlighted in the

document relating directly or indirectly to the UK’s agriculture industry merely reflect what the FUW has repeatedly warned of since before the Brexit referendum.

“it is right that the UK Government is considering such impacts and has collated them in a report.

“however, given the Prime Minister’s pledge to leave the EU on October 31 without a deal if none has been secured it is now essential that details of actions taken by the government in response to these dangers are published.”

Mr Roberts said that this was particularly important given that we are just weeks away from the leave date, and that these dangers have been highlighted to the government by the FUW and others repeatedly for more than three years.

“i have therefore written to the Prime Minister asking for details of actions taken in response to the dangers highlighted by Operation Yellowhammer to be published,” said Mr Roberts.

the FUW has also reiterated calls for the Welsh Government to hold discussions with stakeholders regarding the broad range of dangers for the agri-food sector represented by a no- deal Brexit.

“Concerns about the availability of veterinary medicines, the severing of food supply chains and a host of other issues that are relevant to devolved areas of powers must be discussed in detail as a matter of urgency.

“While we welcome discussions relating to the impact of tariffs on the sheep industry, there is a long list of ‘elephants in the room’ which we have highlighted to Welsh Government which must also be discussed.”

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