Dog attacks – whole of Wales needs police assistance

A RECENT dog attack on sheep at a family farm in Glamorgan has highlighted the need for an increased police presence across the whole of rural Wales.

That’s the message from the FUW, which is pushing for tough new laws on irresponsible dog owners.

More than 10 months after catching a dog owner trying to retrieve his dog from a field of 40 store lambs, there has still been no action against the owner, despite two of the sheep being badly injured because of the dog attack.

It is believed the same dog owner had already allowed pets to stray the previous year, which had chased sheep in the same field.

“The only solution to the problem is to tackle dog attacks in the way that North Wales police have, setting up a dedicated unit to police the rural parts of the county.

“In addition the FUW is reminding dog owners of its ‘Your dog, your responsibility’ campaign,” said Dr Hazel Wright, FUW senior policy officer. You can pick up one of these gate post signs (see on the left and right) from your local county office.

She points to North Wales Police and their Rural team, the only force to maintain records and statistics, which show that 89 per cent of all dog attacks on livestock happen when they stray from home.

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