Farming Matters to us every day in every way

by Glyn Roberts, FUW president

Many will agree that these are uncertain and turbulent times for the agricultural industry and therefore the rural community as well. Support for our rural areas is diminishing as councils face the harsh reality of budget cuts, and any potential Brexit policy changes to agriculture will affect the rural economy strongly.

The outlook for many is uncertain. But I have hope. What we have as an industry and community is tenacity and resilience, qualities that are found in many of our rural communities. and we have a farming union that speaks up for our Welsh farmers.

The FUW was established in 1955 amidst concerns that the interests of Welsh farmers would always take second place to those of the majority of nFU members who farmed in more fertile, arable producing areas in England.

We are the only farming union that is exclusively focused on Welsh agriculture with no external decision making or financial influences and we advance the views of the farmers of Wales without fear or favour, unfettered by sectional or external financial interests.

and in 1978 the FUW was formally recognised by the UK Government as the only farming union exclusively speaking on behalf of the farmers of Wales. We have done so ever since in Cardiff, London and Brussels.

But we do so much more across our county offices in Wales. Our county executive officers provide expert advice and guidance just a phone call away, they provide tailored agricultural support and we lobby and campaign to give Wales’ farmers a clear and loud voice.

With the FUW you also have access to exclusive money saving discounts on products and

professional services and our local and grassroots structure mean your opinion shapes agricultural policy.

Our dedicated agricultural team in each county help with the completion of Single application Form, give advice and assistance with queries, appeals and penalties from Welsh Government such as BPS, Glastir, Glastir Organic, Capital Works etc.

your CEO will also help with registering your BCMS movements, submission of your quarterly VaT online, assist you with RPW online – such as registration and general assistance and they provide guidance on planning, rights of way, boundary disputes and tenancy issues, inheritance, probate and succession guidance, as well as wayleaves and easements guidance.

an when it comes to your views, we work closely with aMs and MPs to put agriculture high on the political agenda, represent you on a number of boards and meetings within the industry – making sure other industry groups (regulators, funders, policy makers) understand farming.

We campaign for public support for farming, and promote why #FarmingMatters to rural communities, the environment, and food security.

We have dedicated staff working on agricultural matters only in each county. We also believe in supporting our local communities with charity fundraising, providing hospitality at local events, promoting local produce, and putting agriculture at the centre of sustainable, vibrant rural communities.

By joining the FUW, each member contributes to a stronger, more successful voice for Wales’ agricultural industry.

So, if you’re not a member yet – give your local county office a call to have a chat about your farming matters and join the Farmers’ Union of Wales.

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