Focus on the food service sector

by Rhys Llywelyn, HCC Market Development Manager

In our last monthly column in Y Tir, we concentrated on how a number of the largest UK retailers, as well as independent butchers were working with HCC on PGI Welsh Lamb promotions during ‘Love Lamb Week’.

But an equally important segment of the domestic market for red meat is the foodservice sector. More and more meals are eaten ‘out of home’. Counting hotels, restaurants, workplace canteens and other ‘on the move’ catering, the industry is worth £57 billion a year.

This sector has been a growing focus for HCC, in terms of both Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. There are a number of Welsh-based foodservice providers who are strong supporters of our brands, and we have taken the opportunity to work with several of them to attract new clients on both sides of Offa’s Dyke.

HCC has taken part in a number of events organised by the Chefs’ Forum. This included working with Welsh foodservice suppliers to promote Welsh Beef and Welsh Lamb in James Martin’s restaurant in Manchester, and a similar event at the James Sommerin restaurant in Penarth.

The aim of these events was to speak to chefs and restaurant managers, explain the positive story behind the quality and sustainability of beef and lamb from Wales, and hopefully influence their menus.

Recently, we have also celebrated some very positive news that Welsh Lamb and Beef, and indeed pork from Wales, will have a higher profile on our railway network.

Transport for Wales customers are now able to enjoy a much-increased range of high-quality locally-produced meat and other foods, thanks to a new commitment by the train operator to procure produce from Welsh sources.

As well as the direct boost from the procurement, being more visible on our nation’s railways is a great promotional platform for our food industry. HCC is also providing promotional material for travellers to read on their journey, outlining the story behind how food is produced in Wales and the outstanding provenance of PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef.
Workplaces have also been part of the food service focus in recent months. Two major suppliers arranged promotions with us in restaurants around ‘Love Lamb Week’.

Alongside targeted consumer advertising, and engaging with the public in food festivals and other events, this focus on the restaurant and catering sector will remain a key part

of HCC’s strategy in the domestic UK market.

Yn Y Tir mis diwethaf, canolbwyntiwyd ar sut roedd nifer o fanwerthwyr mwyaf y DU, yn ogystal â chigyddion annibynnol yn gweithio gyda HCC ar hyrwyddiadau Cig Oen Cymreig PGI yn ystod ‘Wythnos Caru Cig Oen’. Ond rhan yr un mor bwysig o’r farchnad ddomestig ar gyfer cig coch yw’r sector gwasanaeth bwyd. Mae mwy a mwy o brydau bwyd yn cael eu bwyta ‘y tu allan i’r cartref’. Gan gyfrif gwestai, bwytai, ffreuturau yn y gweithle ac arlwyo ‘wrth symud’ eraill, mae’r diwydiant werth £57 biliwn y flwyddyn. Mae’r sector hwn wedi bod yn ffocws cynyddol i HCC, o ran Cig Oen ac Eidion Cymreig. Mae yna nifer o ddarparwyr gwasanaeth bwyd o Gymru sy’n gefnogwyr cryf o’n brandiau, ac mae HCC wedi bachu ar y cyfle i weithio gyda sawl un ohonyn nhw i ddenu cleientiaid newydd ar ddwy ochr Clawdd Offa.

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