Fortifying our UK marketing

by Gwyn Howells, Hybu Cig Cymru Chief Executive

BREXIT is looming ever closer and at the time of writing this, we are no clearer to what it might mean for our industry. Our export markets are

key and approximately 90 per cent of all Welsh Lamb exports go to the eU.

However, england remains the single largest receiver of Welsh Lamb, with approximately 60 per cent of all product being sold there. It is also a market which we know we will have access to beyond March 29.

It is with this in mind that HCC have been implementing a strategically reinforced marketing push within our home markets for PGI Welsh Lamb and PGI Welsh Beef.
We have and will be participating in a number of key events to raise the profile of Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef to consumers, retail buyers and foodservice professionals.

We took our product directly to the headquarters of one of the UK’s largest supermarkets in the south of england, handing out samples and selling our story to buyers and senior staff members. We are taking part in a number of trade and food service shows where we’ve engaged with hospitality and food service organisations and businesses.

We also have two major UK food and drink trade events coming up at the end of March with IFe (International Food and Drink event) in London and the

Welsh Government’s tasteWales at the Celtic Manor. these are both two key trade events where HCC will have a significant presence and we will be engaging with buyers and ensuring that Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef’s exceptional reputation is known.
On a digital side, results have shown that

our Welsh Lamb social media campaign has performed well over the key timeframe when Welsh Lamb is most

readily available for consumers to buy. More people than ever before are going to our consumer website ( andarelookingupWelshLamband Welsh Beef recipes or learning about our product. Gaining 10,000 new followers on social media accounts also allows us to interact with more potential Welsh Lamb

and Welsh Beef customers.
In early March we are also engaging with policy makers at a Welsh hospitality event at the House of Commons. Wales’ food and drink offering makes a significant contribution to the country’s overall tourism scene. It’s also a key opportunity to speak to MPs to remind them how valuable eU exports and the PGI scheme are to

Welsh farmers and the Welsh red meat sector overall. By the time the next edition of Y Tir is out, we hope we will have more clarity. In the meantime, however, we will continue to celebrate and champion Welsh Beef and

Welsh Lamb.

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