Funding for farmers and foresters in Wales

by Sarah Wedge of Davis Meade Property Consultants

FARMeRs and foresters Wales are being

in Wales are being encouraged to work together to innovate new ideas and processes that will improve efficiency in their business. Grants of up to £40,000 are available through the European Innovation Partnership (eIP) to make innovative ideas a reality on farms and woodlands across Wales.

The aim of eIP is to bring people from different practical and scientific backgrounds together to solve agricultural problems by utilising new ideas and technology and the funding scheme has up to £40,000 available per project for a maximum of 45 projects in all agricultural sectors in Wales.

The scheme is being managed by Farming Connect’s Menter a Busnes and the funding will enable a group of people with similar interests to identify and try out new applications and ideas to see if they work in individual businesses.

Every eIP group needs to include at least two farmers from separate businesses and at least one individual from a related organisation.

They will work together with support from a fully funded Innovation Broker to develop a project which can run for up to three years. Knowledge exchange Manager for Farming Connect, Lynfa Davies said: “Applicants could take on a new technology from another industry or if a business has a particular problem they could approach the scheme advisers to research and identify a project that could be developed to find a solution.”

Further support is available to the group through Farming Connect’s Knowledge exchange hub, collaboration with IBeRs, Aberystwyth University.

they will undertake some background research to see what is already known about your topic.

Farming Connect’s Knowledge exchange hub can also advise on how projects can be structured to get the best out of the funding being applied for.

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