Sialens a hanner

Mae Gareth Pritchard (gweler ar y dde), o fferm Rhenblas, Llandrygarn wedi hen arfer gosod sialensiau i’w hun ac wedi llwyddo i gasglu dros £15,000 at nifer o achosion da dros y blynyddoedd.

Wel, dyma’r her ddiweddaraf! Nod Mr Pritchard yw seiclo 5 milltir y dydd, dros 200 diwrnod yn olynol, beth bynnag fo’r tywydd! Yn y pen draw bydd yn cwblhau’r sialens o seiclo 1,000 o filltiroedd a drwy gyfrannu £5 y dydd yn casglu £1,000 i Gronfa NHS Awyr Las.

Mae croeso i unrhyw un sydd yn dymuno cyfrannu, wneud hynny drwy’r ddolen ganlynol www.justgiving.com/fundraising/garethrhenblas

Gareth Pritchard (pictured right), from Rhenblas Farm, Llandrygarn has always set himself challenges, and has managed to raise over £15,000 for numerous charities over the years. This is the latest challenge! Mr Pritchard aims to cycle 5 miles a day, over 200 days in a

row, whatever the weather! Eventually he will complete the challenge of cycling 1,000 miles and by donating £5 a day raising £1,000 for the Awyr Las NHS Fund. Anyone wishing to contribute, can do so via the following link www.justgiving.com/fundraising/garethrhenblas



Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

There has been a degree of misinformation on various social media sites recently surrounding the Agriculture Bill, which has led to various misleading reports in several publications. I want to put the record straight and to explain why I voted against the Parish Amendment to the Agriculture Bill.

The amendment’s intention was to force countries to match our standards of food hygiene and animal welfare, before striking any trade deal. While this is a very good ambition which I completely support, there were a number of problems with the way it was worded.

Firstly, in calling for countries to meet each other’s standards, it would have made a number of our existing trade deals invalid. It would have also made it extremely difficult to reach an agreement with the European Union which, as we all know, is the largest market (besides the UK) for Welsh lamb.

The EU is highly unlikely to sign up to a trade deal with us if it is forced to ensure that some of the non- compliant Member States raise their welfare standards first – it has certainly not been successful in policing other countries in the past. I am firmly convinced that anything that undermines a trade deal with the European Union would be a disaster for farmers and so I was not prepared to vote for it.

This amendment would not have succeeded in preventing substandard imports from coming into this country – in fact, it only would have succeeded in tightening tightened existing markets. The way to make sure that our standards are not threatened by cheap imports is to build specific

protection for our products into each and every trade deal we strike – most crucially with the United States. This is a point I made during the Trade Bill debate in Parliament.

Despite some reports in the media, the most important thing to bear in mind is that we have already protected our farmers from imports such as chlorinated chicken or hormone treated beef through the EU Withdrawal Bill. Transposing European regulation into British law means that it is illegal to import those products into the UK and at the end of the transition period our farmers will be protected from low quality imports coming into this country through the European Union Withdrawal Bill.

I was elected on a manifesto commitment to protect animal welfare, food hygiene and environmental protection. I am convinced that the Government is delivering on this commitment, but I will not hesitate to vote against them if required – protecting farmers in my constituency from substandard imports is one of my biggest priorities.

Farmers have been quietly working every day throughout the pandemic and I look forward to saying thank you to as many of you as I can in person when the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

I will continue to champion the cause for farming and I look forward to meeting many more of the farmers in Breconshire and Radnor in the months and years to come.

Fay Jones, Member of Parliament for Breconshire and Radnorshire

Pwyllgor Gwaith

Pwyllgor gwaith Sir Gaernarfon yn cael ei gynnal trwy system Zoom, cyfarfod digidol llwyddiannus!

Caernarfon’s Executive Committee taking place via Zoom, a successful digital meeting!



Covid-19 keepers of livestock

Government guidance states that if you have symptoms of Coronavirus you must remain at home for 7 days or 14 days as a household.

You should arrange for someone who is not self isolating to care for your animals.

However, if you are struggling to do this please get in touch with your Local Authority (Carmarthenshire County Council – 01267 234567) they will work closely with Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA- 0300 303 8268) to provide guidance on how you as a keeper may be able to address any welfare concerns or issues.

Carmarthenshire County Council can also offer Community Support advising Carmarthenshire businesses and residents throughout the on- going Coronavirus crisis.

You can connect to this new service by calling

us on 01267 234567. This is available between 8.30am and 6pm seven days a week.

Council Officers will be on hand to provide guidance and signposting on areas including:
• Financial support and other help for businesses

• Assistance available for the elderly, vulnerable and isolated

• Linking the needs of communities with volunteers

• Rent Relief Scheme for small County businesses that employ up to 9 people.



Llwyddiant i Fferm Gwarffynnon

Mae David a Gwen Davies a’i mab Aron Dafydd o Fferm Gwarffynnon, Silian, Llanbedr Pont Steffan wedi derbyn gwobr Prif Fridiwr ‘Master Breeder’ gan Holstein UK ar gyfer ei buches, Ormond. Mae’r gymdeithas yn gwobrwyo aelodau sydd wedi cyrraedd safon rhagorol mewn cynhyrchiant llaeth ac wrth sgorio’r gwartheg.

Cafodd 19 buches eu gwobrwyo ar draws Prydain eleni a buches Ormond yn un o bedair o Gymru. Maent yn godro 138 o wartheg Holstein pur a Jerseys ac yn bridio’i stoc ifanc ei hun ar 180 acer ar gyrion Llanbed.

David and Gwen Davies and their son Aron Dafydd of Gwarffynnon Farm, Silian, Lampeter have been awarded a Holstein UK Master Breeder award for their herd, Ormond. The society awards members who have achieved an excellent standard in dairy production and cattle scoring. 19 herds were awarded across the UK this year and Ormond was one of four in Wales. They milk 138 pedigree Holstein and Jerseys cows and breed their own young stock on 180 acres on the outskirts of Lampeter.



Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

I believe that Welsh farmers have been aborted by our Conservative MPs who voted against an amendment to the Agriculture Bill which would have secured that any new trade deals had to uphold the same standards as Welsh and UK food producers.

Bearing in mind that farming is of fundamental importance to our Mid Wales communities, it’s very sad that amendments to ensure that the high standards that Welsh and UK farmers were not protected, this will be a detriment to environmental, welfare and hygiene standards and whatever spin the Conservatives will put on it, of course we all know this was only in order to facilitate a trade deal with USA to allow chlorinated chicken and beef full of steroids to enter the UK that will undermine our farmers.

There were approximately 647,700 people working in the UK agricultural sector in 2015, 9% of which (58,300) are in Wales. Agriculture’s share of total regional employment in Wales was 4.07%, greater than the national average of 1.42% indicating that agriculture makes a more significant contribution to Welsh employment.

Relative to the rest of the UK, 10% of UK agricultural land is located within Wales, 16% of farm holdings, and 9% of the UKs agricultural labour force and where 80% of the land area is designated as a less favourable (LFA) area, one would have thought that our Powys MP’s would

have stood up and supported our farmers and the valuable contribution they make as a cornerstone of our communities rather than merely tow the party line.

If we have learnt anything from the current Coronavirus crisis, it is the need to look again at the sustainability of our food supply, of diversifying our food production, of the need to add value locally, of ensuring local processing, the developing of local supply chains, and maximising the potential within our communities and Wales rather than a dependency on international conglomerates.

Yet, what we have seen is a preference by our Conservative MP’s to look after the interests of corporate America at the expense of our farming sector and rural communities. As night comes after day, this will result in low standard imports undermining all those that have invested and worked in developing their farming enterprises and it is a hypocrisy to say they are the party to look after the economy whilst undermining the largest economic sector in Powys.

As both farming Unions have stated this is a retrograde step with the FUW President stating, “We believe it was a grave error on the part of the Government to oppose the amendment, especially since it had the support of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee.”

Elwyn Vaughan, Powys County Councillor for the Ward of Glantwymyn

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