FUW highlights NADIS and Elanco Blowfly alert

The FUW would like all sheep farmers to consider the recent Blowfly alert raised by NADIS and elanco.

NADIS and elanco are concerned that the risk of Blowfly strike is rising, with current risk levels as “medium” across most of the UK. Farmers are being reminded that prevention is the most effective control against Blowfly as the season continues.

Professor of Zoology Richard Wall said: “The build- up of blowfly populations is generally slow but warm wet weather, particularly in May and June as we have experienced in 2019, seriously increases the risk and extra care should be taken when checking sheep at shearing.”

Veterinary consultant Dr Fiona Lovatt and Technical elanco Vet Kate heller highlight the risk of delayed treatments on flock welfare and productivity: “Missing a struck sheep that can spread blowfly is easily done and treating earlier will save money and time, even if there are no symptoms.”

It costs 50p to treat an animal with a long-lasting product but it can cost up to £200 to rear a replacement ewe. It is now possible to achieve 19 weeks of blowfly strike prevention with the correct treatment.

The National Farm Research blowfly study found that 99 per cent of farmers experienced financial losses due to blowfly strike with cases being reported from as early as February to November.

The FUW would like to remind members of the Farm Animal health blowfly strike tracker and the continuous updates from NADIS and elanco for advice on preventing blowfly.

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