FUW Ltd to be VAT registered

WITH effect from April 1 2019, FUW Ltd will be registered for VAT.

We are taking this step as it will provide positive cash flow to the union. We currently are unable to claim on VAT that we are charged for and this has a big drain on income.

The changes will then allow us to redirect that improved cashflow to the core activities of the union.

Members who pay their subscription by Direct Debit will be informed of new rates of subscription, inclusive of VAT, prior to money being debited from accounts.

Anyone paying by Standing Order or cash/cheque is advised to move to Direct Debit which will both save members the extra administrative fee that is charged and will make the cost of providing services lower for the union.

Any Standing Order payments that are to continue MUST be amended to the new rates prior to any services being provided.

We will not be able to complete any work on your behalf if the membership rate isn’t the correct amount.

VAT invoices will be issued automatically by email and will enable members to reclaim VAT through regular reports to HMRC.

The membership fees for Countryside Members, Future Farmers and Farmers for Life are exempt from VAT.

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