FUW warns lorry drivers and livestock hauliers of CPC deadline

THE FUW is warning members using a HGV/LGV licence that they will need to ensure compliance with Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) requirements to stay within the law. The CPC and training requirements apply to members operating on licences C, C1, C+E and C1+E. Vehicles under licence categories B and F (cars, vehicles up to 3,500 kg in weight and agricultural tractors) are outside of the scope of the directive and do not normally require a CPC. Therefore, a farmer taking their own stock to market using a fourwheel- drive vehicle or tractor and towing a trailer would not require a CPC. However, farmers using a vehicle in licence category C to transport animals would need to have a Driver CPC. Members gaining an HGV/LGV qualification after September 10 2009 must get the Driver CPC Initial Qualification, and must complete 35 hours of periodic training within five years of the date of getting the initial qualification. However, members gaining a vocational licence (C, C1, C+E and C1+E) before September 10 2009 have “acquired rights”. Members with “acquired rights” must complete 35 hours of Driver CPC periodic training by September 9 2014. Members can easily check how many hours have been done in the current five-year period via the following link: https://www.gov.uk/che ck-your-driver-cpcperiodic- training-hours Approved training centres can be found by visiting the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) website. Only courses taken at approved centres count towards the periodic training requirement.

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