Get your ducks in line for slurry storage

NoW is the time to get the ball rolling if you are considering extending or modifying your farm buildings, yard areas, silage clamps and slurry stores, as the Welsh Government have recently announced that financial support can be applied for, to reduce the risk of causing pollution.

Thinking about changing your farm buildings and stores? Contact us at FUW for free and confidential expert advice. This will help you to decide on the most appropriate and cost effective action to future proof your farm business.

Keith owen at KeBeK says: “We’ve worked with many farmers on slurry management and storage design and found that over 90% of the farms that are looking for better ways to manage their slurry, have a rainwater problem and not a slurry storage problem. When considering increasing the slurry storage capacity on a farm, it is common to think that building the biggest slurry store possible, as a belt and braces approach, is the best way to manage slurry and safe guard against causing pollution. however, building a large slurry store is very expensive and can often lead to far more slurry being generated.”

Covering dirty yard areas is the first step in reducing the volume of slurry and will also help you to meet the proposed 5 month slurry storage requirements under the

Agricultural Pollution Regulations for Wales, commonly referred to as the “NVZ regs” (Nitrate Vulnerable Zones).

A key factor to reduce the volume of slurry that must be collected and stored, is to cover dirty yard areas. Roofing over dirty yards will prevent clean rainwater from being contaminated with slurry. Intercepting clean rainwater will also save your farm costs for slurry storage and associated costs of applying slurry to land.

Financial support to cover yard areas will be made available under the Farm Business Grant. The application window will be open on November 9 2020 until December 18 2020, with a subsequent application window opening May 18 2021 to June 25 2021.

The Sustainable Production Grant (SPG) expression of Interest application window will open on February 1 2021 and close March 12 2021. The focus of the SPG will be to reduce the risk of causing diffuse pollution. At the time of writing this article the list of items that would be eligible under the SPG grant had not yet been released by Welsh Government – we will keep you updated as further details are released.

help and advice is available from KeBeK to improve your clean and dirty water separation and calculate your slurry storage. This can be funded through Farming Connect. Contact the FUW on 01970 820820 for referral to the FUW helpline.

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