Glastir and greening options

GLASTIR has been designed to be as compatible as possible with the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

The vast majority of Glastir contract holders will qualify for greening by having more than 75 per cent permanent grassland and have less than 30ha of arable land. In these situations no deductions for double funding will apply to contracts. Organic farmers qualify automatically for greening on their organic land and in such cases no double funding exists.

Contract holders with less than 75 per cent permanent grassland or with more than 30ha of arable land will be required to declare Ecological Focus Area (EFA) on five per cent of their arable land on their SAF online forms. The Welsh Government has ensured as many Glastir options remain open to farmers to qualify for EFA.

Hedgerow and the wildlife corridors, up to three metres wide, created, restored and maintained under Glastir does not now contain any double funding elements and the additional activities goes beyond the minimum requirements for BPS. You can use these hedgerows and corridors as EFA hedges with no effect to your Glastir contracts.

There are five arable Glastir Entry options and two Glastir Advanced options (see tables below) which potentially constitute double funding with Greening EFA.

The potential for double funding only arises if the declared EFA on SAF are placed in the same locations as these Glastir options. Farmers can still choose to use these areas for their EFA declaration, however the Glastir payment will be reduced. The unsprayed spring sown cereals and/or pulses currently in Glastir risks double funding with nitrogen fixing crops of greening if pulses are exclusively sown.

From 2015 onwards a change will be introduced to new and existing contracts which will require a predominantly cereal crop under this option. This will mean this option can be continued without any payment deduction.


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