Glastir scheme update

by Charlotte Priddy, FUW policy officer



NOW that the Christmas celebrations are over, those of you who have an interest in the various aspects of the Glastir scheme will want to be aware that if you have entered the Glastir Entry scheme in 2012 and you also took up Glastir Advanced commitments up to and including January 1, 2015, you will shortly be offered a replacement contract. This replacement contract will include your Glastir Entry commitments which will run beyond the original five year term to match the end date of their Glastir Advanced commitments. The replacement contracts will be issued Spring 2017 and will include updated payment details of the Glastir Entry commitments as they may vary from the current £34/ha. Farmers across Wales will also be interested to hear that the next expression of Interest (EOI) window for Glastir Small grants is now open and is on the theme of ‘Water’ with a particular emphasis on water quality. Activities supported include; hedgerow planting, small scale tree planting and activities to separate clean and dirty water on farmyards (for example gutters, downpipes and cross drains). The EOI will close on January 23, 2017. A further EOI window is scheduled for March 2017 for the theme of ‘Landscape and Pollinators’. Activities that will be supported include small scale tree planting, restoration of hedgerows and drystone walls, and orchard tree planting. If you have been offered a Glastir Organic contract you will need to confirm your intention to decline or accept the contract offer within 7 days of the notification via your RPW online account. It is worth noting that if the contract is not accepted by this date, the offer of a Glastir Organic contract will be withdrawn. Those members farming on Common Land want to be aware that subject to the approval of the European Commission, RPW will be offering replacement Glastir Commons contracts to those eligible Grazing associations whose initial Contract started in 2012. Revised Contracts will be issued in the Spring.

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