Government support and challenge for Wales YFC

DEPUTY farming and food minister Rebecca Evans has announced an £88,600 grant over 12 months to enable Wales YFC to continue its important work.

The movement was recently unsuccessful in a bid for funding from both Natural Resources Wales and the National Voluntary Youth Organisations Fund. Officials from the Welsh Government met YFC officers to find ways in which the organisation might continue its important work in helping to develop our future farmers and farming leaders.

Mrs Evans said: “Any successful industry requires constant renewal, fresh blood and fresh ideas, and I am determined to see young, talented and wellqualified people develop to head-up farm businesses and become the leaders of tomorrow within Welsh agriculture.

“Discussions between the Welsh Government and Wales YFC have determined that the organisation needs to implement a new business model if it is to move forward successfully.

“The support I have announced in respect of a grant of £88,600 over the next twelve months will allow Wales YFC to build internal capacity and develop a sound five-year business plan that will give the organisation both a clear direction and a sustainable future.”

Wales YFC welcomed Mrs Evans’ statement and the support of all political parties in Wales. “The ongoing support of our members, supporters and stakeholders across Wales is much appreciated, particularly so in the last month,” said a spokesman.

“Clearly, the quality and value of services provided by the YFC across Wales is appreciated and acknowledged, and funding those services in the long term is a challenge.

“We now look forward to working with officials for the Welsh Government to fully understand and then implement the programme announced.”

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