Highlighting #FarmingMatters

by Glyn Roberts, FUW president

GAINING RECOGNITION: #FarmingMatters banner at the Royal Welsh Show.

GAINING RECOGNITION: #FarmingMatters banner at the Royal Welsh Show.

The recent campaign launched by the FUW on #FarmingMatters is gaining more and more recognition amongst politicians, key decision makers and the general public. Over the last eight weeks the FUW has taken every opportunity to highlight that this is not just about farming but about the wider recognition of how Farming Matters, where supply chains are involved, how money circulates in the local economy, where people survive, where profits are made, communities are sustained and our culture continues to thrive. We cannot underestimate the importance of recognising that a) farming matters and b) that it is vital to nurture and support Welsh producers, and thereby protecting and improving domestic food security. We have seen a high level of engagement across our social media channels and will continue to push the #FarmingMatters message at every opportunity. This is why we are reminding those in power that in the absence of moves which ensure markets provide sufficient income for farm businesses, that it is essential that support is maintained for sectors at levels which do not compromise either family farms or rural economies. Agriculture and domestic food production has to be given priority during all trade negotiations with other countries and trading blocks so that we can ensure food security for our home markets. Therefore we repeatedly insist that the procurement of Welsh and British produce is the default position for all public sector bodies amongst other measures. The FUW campaign on #FarmingMatters will continue to stress the importance of our rural economy in light of food security, supply chains, our children’s future and our culture. We must ensure that everyone in a position of Government, and opposition influence is aware of this importance. The union will continue to brief politicians, meet with key decision makers and facilitate farm visits with our elected members, until everyone recognises the importance of #FarmingMatters.

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