Hill farmerls book launch

WELSH hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones took time out from filming for a new BBC Wales series on farming and food to promote his new book at the Winter Fair The social networking stockman from Llanfairfechan – made internationally famous during the heavy winter snows of March 2013 – has been chronicling his life and work on the Carneddau Mountains with his mobile phone for years. But it was film of him hauling his sheep and ponies from shoulder high snow drifts that went viral – with q00,000 hits on Y ouTube alone. And that led to the TV series The Hill Farm, on BBC Wales, which was up for a BAFTA this year, in which he and his family played a key role. TBeing able to talk to people about whatbs happening, the successes and the frustrations of the day, when you are working alone on the farm, is something I started to do using social media and to be honest thatbs what has lead to media work,T he said. Gareth has q,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 3,000 Facebook friends and now hebs written a book about his experiences of life on the hill – which caused a bit of a fuss in the chapel community of his home village with its salacious revelations about his TMrs RobinsonT experience in an old caravan as a teenager when it was first published in Welsh. TThe Hill FarmerT, published in English by Y Lolfa, kicks off with the snows of 2013 which made Gareth one of the most famous farmers in Wales. Garethbs not afraid to speak his mind, one of the reasons he has been sought out by other television companies for projects including Mountain with Griff Rhys Jones, Snowdonia 18t 0, School of Hard Knocks and as a contestant on Come Dine with MeS TAs an industry I believe we are excellent at producing the goods, but we are bloody rubbish at selling them. “Itbs largely our own fault, webve not endeared ourselves to the public who still have the stereotype of the farmer as a man at the top of a mountain waving a stick and shouting bget off my landb,T says Gareth in his autobiography. TOthers see us as scroungers with begging bowls looking to Europe for sustenance, taking the grants as fast as we can. “But thatbs a completely false picture, the farmers I know are hard working people producing high quality food.T The book, priced at £t .t 5, is available from good book shops across the UK and direct from Y Lolfa website: http://www.ylolfa. com/en/dangos.phpz&ISBNxt r 81r 84q100q

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