Importance of bovine TB compensation

FOLLOWINg a recent announcement from Lesley griffiths on the TB eradication programme members of the FUW younger voice for farming committee meeting in Aberystwyth, have written to the Minister drawing her attention to a number of issues.

They reiterated the importance of bovine TB compensation to the viability and sustainability of farms which have had cattle compulsorily removed due to a disease outbreak. They pointed out that infection with bovine TB is due to circumstances out of the control of the farmer, whilst at present, farmers are compensated only for the direct market value of the animal slaughtered. No

FUW younger voice for farming committee members.

compensation is offered for the additional costs incurred such as lost revenue, loss of milk production, loss of breeding lines, delays to re-stocking and movement restrictions.

These consequential losses suffered by a producer can be significant and the FUW strongly argues that cattle keepers already share the financial burden of bovine TB. Any proposals to instigate a new compensation regime in Wales must therefore take these factors into account in order to properly understand the financial and emotional consequences of changes to this budget.

Younger voice for farming committee chair, geraint Davies explained: “Although we welcome the agreement to work with Welsh government on the future of bovine TB compensation, we do recognise that the size of this budget is in direct relation to the number of cattle slaughtered.

“Reductions in bovine TB, through the use of a holistic programme which provides a fair deal for farmers with this disease in both cattle and wildlife, will reduce the cost to the public purse.”

The meeting began with an address from Dr Nick Fenwick, FUW Head of Policy, who gave an update on EU Exit, the latest position of the Brexit and our Land consultation programme.

After lunch, Sian Thomas YFC Operations Officer gave an informative update about the YFC and the current activities underway, and this was followed by a session on the current consultations affecting agriculture
in Wales.

The meeting concluded with a discussion about climate change in the media and it was agreed that the union should continue to promote the good work that farmers are achieving, including building on the work seen in the previous edition of Y Tir.

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