Is your business ready for a profitable future?

Have you evaluated your farm or forestry business recently? Do you know how it’s performing now and how well it’s likely to perform in a future post- Brexit? Have you done everything in your power to safeguard your business for the next generation? In a drive to encourage more eligible businesses in Wales to prepare for the challenges and opportunities which are expected, the Welsh Government has recently changed the criteria for applying for certain elements of the Farming Connect advisory Service. The advisory Service provides both business planning support and/or technical advice, tailored to each applicant’s needs, which can help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency across all areas of their business. The advisory Service is subsidised by up to 80 per cent for eligible individuals and by 100 per cent for each eligible individual who applies through the ‘group’ category. Farming Connect’s services manager, elliw evans Hughes, explains that tapping into this support could make an important difference to the way businesses are managed, both now and in the future. “In the last 18 months, more than 850 individuals have accessed support through the advisory Service and many are now reporting significant benefits which will help them remain efficient, profitable and resilient long term, despite the current economic uncertainties.” each business can apply for four instances of advice during the current programme period. Under the new criteria this can include a combination of both business and technical categories, or they can all be within any single category.

If you have any queries contact your local development officer, whose contact details are available on the Farming Connect website at

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