Knowing the dangers of grass fires

Starting grass fires is a crime, it puts people in danger – both firefighters and members of the public. this is before we talk about the damage to wildlife, livestock and the environment, and the significant cost to the public purse of dealing with these fires. Each year we see a series of outbreaks which coincide with the Easter school holidays and the onset of better weather. South Wales fire and rescue service confirmed that 93 per cent of fires in its area have been started deliberately. Fire and rescue services and the police do not condone this dangerous, destructive and criminal behaviour. We need help from the communities we serve in identifying and exposing those who set these fires. any information you have that may help please ring 101 for a non-emergency or 999 if there is a crime in progress. We need you to be our eyes and ears. Even anti-social behaviour may be associated with fire setting so people seen camping on your land or scramblers accessing the area should be reported via the 101 system. importantly a description of these individuals or registration numbers of vehicles seen in the area will assist an investigation. South Wales police together with the local fire service are working hard this year to bring these individuals to justice. if you have any concerns you can contact your local crime reduction tactical advisor on 101.

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