Kuhn updates round baler

KUHN has launched an updated version of its fixed chamber round baler FB 2135 MKII with a range of new features designed at improving baling speed, quality and efficiency.

The latest version is available with two different intake rotors – the OPTIFEED or OPTICUT 14 – which both share the same 2.30m pick-up width for maximum productivity.

The OPTIFEED rotor uses double feeding tines and integrated augers to provide an even and consistent flow of crop into the bale chamber for improved bale consistency.

The OPTICUT 14 rotor is fitted with 14 knives which provide a theoretical cutting length of 70mm and which even out the swath by forcefeeding the crop into the baler for maximum throughput. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects.

“Reliability, bale quality and bale density are fundamental to the efficiency of all baling operations,” said Kuhn’s UK sales manager Duncan McLeish.

“Every minute counts when weather conditions are uncertain so the FB 2135 has been updated to provide improvements in all aspects of baling.

“The new machines feature several unique innovations such as Kuhn’s PENDULUM pick-up system, POWERTRACK roller and INTEGRAL ROTOR technology, all of which make a real difference to field performance.”

The FB 2135 MKII also features Kuhn’s hydraulic POWERLOCK rear door cylinders which work in combination with a hydraulic lock valve to produce maximum bale density. Fast door opening and closing means more bales per hour and improved efficiency.

The intake unit of the FB 2135 MKII is protected by a main PTO clutch which is automatically activated if a blockage occurs. In addition, the complete cutting floor – including the knives – can be lowered to allow blockages to be cleared.

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