Michelin unveils innovative ‘ear of wheat’ tyre

FARMERS of the future could be specifying tyres with novel tread patterns following the unveiling of what might become the next generation of agricultural tyres from Michelin.



The LIFEBIB VF 710/70 R42 concept tyre stands out for featuring a tyre pattern in the shape of an ear of wheat, presenting an alternative to the traditional V-shaped or herringbone-shaped tread which is familiar on farm machinery all over the world.

Drawing its inspiration from nature, the tyre’s unique tread pattern is a celebration of the life cycle and emphasises how the Michelin Ultraflex range can be used throughout the entire crop cycle, from the sowing to the harvesting of the product.

The wheat concept features a central rigid rubber block formed by the wheat grains, as well as side tapering for maximum precision, guidance and traction. Michelin commercial director Mike Lawton said: “Changing needs, practices and uses push us to continually innovate.

Farmers of the future face the substantial challenge of feeding ever increasing populations with less arable land available to them. “As a result, tyre and machinery choice is going to become ever more important in order to maximise yield. “Michelin researchers are exploring all avenues to develop the tyres of the future; this latest concept is evidence of this work in practice.”

The new concept tyre has been developed as part of Michelin’s annual investment of more than €600 million in research and development.

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