Mitas Tyres launch cash-back programme

FARMERS who buy two or more Mitas, Continental or Cultor radial agricultural tyres in a single transaction will be entitled to a rebate worth up to £400 per pair as part of a new incentive programme launched by Mitas Tyres Ltd. Customers who place an order between January 21 and May 31 will receive a cash-back card to the value of between £40 and £400, depending on the type and size of tyres which they buy. This can then be used to purchase goods or services up to that value through any MasterCard outlet. The highest level of cash-back, £400 per pair, is available on Continental SVT and AC 65 tyres of 34″ or more in diameter, with a £200 rebate paid on Continental SVT or AC 65 tyres which are 24″ or larger. Mitas RD-03, Mitas AC 70T and Continental HC 70 of 34″ or more attract £160 cash-back, with £80 paid on Mitas RD-03, Mitas AC 70T and Continental HC70 of 24″ or larger. Cash-back of £120 is paid on Continental AC 85 or Cultor Radial-65 which are 34″ or larger, while £60 is available on these products where the diameter is 24″ or greater. Mitas RD-01 or Cultor Radial-85 tyres attract £80 cashback where the size ordered is 34″ or larger, with 24″ or larger tyres being paid at £40. Mitas Agriterra trailer tyres pay a £40 cash-back regardless of size. “We have designed this offer to be very attractive, easy to take advantage of and flexible in terms of how the rebate is spent,” said Mitas Tyres Ltd managing director Jon Ward said. “To benefit from this innovative scheme, customers simply need to send us a copy of their invoice by June 30 2015. We will send them a MasterCard which carries credit to the value of their rebate within 30 days. Rather than having to spend the money in a specific location or on a specific product, customers can use it for almost any purpose in thousands of locations throughout the UK. The rebates are paid on every pair of tyres, so the more that customer order the more cash-back they can claim.” Further details will be available from any of the company’s approved distributors after the promotion starts on January 21.

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