New Can-Am Outlander L handles well

THE rugged design of the Can- Am Outlander L – the newest addition to Bombardier Recreational Products’ (BRP) ATV line-up for 2015 – is described by the manufacturers as a workhorse that handles effectively on rough terrain and narrow trails and is powerful enough to haul heavy cargo. The Outlander L range is available as a single seater or as a twoup model with or without power steering and in a range of colours including red, light grey and yellow. Prices start from £5,499 including VAT for the Outlander L 450 International models. Cam-Am commercial representative Paul Wood said: “The Outlander L’s versatility adds another string to the bow of the Outlander range. “Its rugged design allows it to handle any job that is put in front of it at an affordable price.” The model’s Surrounding Spar Technology (SST) frame, exclusive to BRP, contributes to the Outlander L’s low centre of gravity and has been designed to reduce weight while offering increased durability. In addition, the Double TTI rear suspension and the SACHS fiveway pre-loaded adjustable shocks provide the Outlander L with the precision engineered handling, comfort and control that users have come to expect from the Can- Am Outlander ATV range. The new unit utilises a similar G2 frame used on the larger Outlander ATV model and delivers reliable and efficient performance from a new single cylinder 38hp Rotax four-stroke engine available with Outlander L 450 or the 46hp Rotax 500 V-Twin available with the Outlander L 500. Both engines offer the right mix of power and torque, underlined by a new signature exhaust note, thanks to its new rear mounted silencer. Riders will benefit from the Outlander L’s steel tubular racks that have a combined capacity of 163kg, with the front rack able to hold 54kg and the rear able to handle 109kg. The rack comes with a LinQ quick attach accessory system that offers adaptable cargo hauling options and works with numerous Can-Am rack accessories. In addition, there is a 10.9 litre waterresistant storage compartment located on the rear rack. The Can-Am Outlander L comes with a Visco-Lok front differential, which intelligently transfers power from a slipping wheel to the opposing wheel that has traction. Additional features include towing capacity of 590kg, an easy-toread multifunctional gauge providing the user with everything they need to know when they are using the ATV, two 35-watt front headlights with selectable high and low beams, a 20.5 litre

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