New EU rules to make Welsh roads safer

PLAID Cymru MEP Jill Evans has voted in favour of new EU rules that will make lorries safer and not open the door to massive gigaliner lorries.

The MEP, a member of the EU parliament’s transport committee, said the move would help keep Welsh roads safer and was good news for the environment. MEPs rejected EU Commission plans to allow cross-border transport by gigaliners – huge trucks that would further divert freight from rail to road.

Crucially, new cab design rules for lorries will help save lives, particularly of cyclists, although they will not be introduced until 2021. Jill Evans said: “Welsh roads would never have been able to cope with the gigaliners that the Commission wanted to allow. “The A55, the M4 and routes across Wales are already struggling with congestion or from poor quality links. “It’s good news for Welsh road safety that we were able to block this proposal. “We’ve also insisted on new rules for cab design, which will make the roads safer for cyclists, although that has been delayed. “We must work towards a first class transport network in Wales which includes more investment in rail. “As a member of the transport committee I am working with local authorities to move this forward.”

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