New forager arrives for wet harvest silage




NORTHERN Ireland manufacturers Blaney Agri boast that their Forager X10 has become the most prized tool they own – saving hours of daily backbreaking labour and reducing bale waste by around 20 per cent. Thanks to all the design and manufacture of the new model Forager X10 being carried out in-house, Blaney’s have been able to react quickly to give added assurance to customers concerned about this year’s silage bales being heavier due to the wet harvest season. The new Forager X10 has been re-engineered and launched with a host of enhanced features intended to outperform any other type of equipment on all bale types. For many farms, a great aspect of the Forager X10 is that it is a one-man and one-tractor operation. “Feeding a silage bale is as easy as 1-2-3, with the Forager X10 able to lift, load and feed – all from the comfort of your cab,” Blaney Agri’s spokesman stressed. “It offers a fast and effective solution for feeding out round bales to reduce the need for manual forking, to get the job done quickly and easily for better thriving animals, less wastage and improved profits.” Blaney have enhanced the new model Forager X10 bale carriers making them 25 per cent stronger. Drive components are capable of withstanding forces well in excess of 50,000 Newton’s, and more powerful hydraulics give generous capabilities to work with the heaviest bales year after year. Innovative new feed out spikes, new bale chamber and unique side rollers are designed to deal with the most difficult bales. “The new Forager X10 is now more compact, ideal for getting into tight spaces and narrow passageways. “Its unique safety guards to protect livestock from injury are now 50 per cent stronger and more compact. “The extra thick 50mm sprung tines are designed for road travel and developed to handle the heaviest bales.” The Forager X10L, a special loader/telehandler version of the bale unroller, is also being built to this enhanced specification. Fitted to any front loader or telescopic, it means that high stacked bales are no longer a problem and silage can be fed along passageways, into feeders or used to unroll into mixer wagons to speed up processing times. The Blaney Agri machinery range has been developed to tackle some of the toughest conditions that Ireland and UK can throw at it. Famed for its ample rainfall and heavy grass crops, Blaney Agri is ideally located to build and test the most high performance silage feeding machines.

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