New round of funding for Glastir Advanced excellent news

WFWSHIRES_Page_10_Image_0003THE announcement made by Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, that a new round of funding for Glastir Advanced, worth over £18 million, has been opened, was welcomed by the FUW. The new round of funding is expected to deliver up to 340 Glastir Advanced contracts in 2018 (estimated at £54k per contract) and the Expression of Interest (EoI) window opened on February 28 2017 and will close at midnight on March 31. Welcoming the announcement, FUW policy officer Charlotte Priddy (pictured left) said: “This is great news for our farmers. I encourage them to apply for this next round of funding for which they will need to submit an EOI via an RPW Online account before the end of March.” Glastir Advanced is the flagship component of Glastir, through which the Welsh Government offers financial support to farmers and land owners to improve the environmental management of their land. Mrs Priddy however also highlighted that farmers need to understand what they are signing up to. “It is important that farmers fully understand the obligations within their Glastir contracts as even a minor breach can result in a hefty / significant penalty. It’s advisable to regularly review the contract to ensure that all the requirements are met,” she added.

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