New service gives instant information without the internet

Make sure you don’t miss out on RPW payments

A NEW FUW service takes the worry out of Rural Payments Wales, using one simple but complete service which manages online accounts, giving members without the internet or those with unreliable connection instant information and complete peace of mind knowing that all their paperwork has been checked by trained staff with additional policy support.

The new service will be monitored by your county office, and new information will be sent to you directly as the farmer.

Every farmer will be contacted using three ways:

• Verbally by home telephone or mobile number
• By text message or email
• By letter if option a or b is not available

You will continue to receive either an email or a text message from RPW Online, as well as the county office contact.

Why sign up to the FUW service?
RPW is going fully digital and will increase the use of broadcast messages about important information. This can be a big problem for farmers, due to lack of reliable broadband and because many farmers do not use email. This could mean farmers missing important updates to their Single Farm Payments, with potential penalties and issues with their claims which may cost farmers thousands of pounds. The

FUW will make sure you never miss any important messages or updates.

A trial period for members in Carmarthen county from May ‐September.

How much?
£150 +VAT for a trial period, then
£195 +VAT thereafter.

Members from other counties interested in this service should contact their local office.

FUW Ltd yn co frestru ar g yfer TAW /FUWLtdregistering forVAT

MAE FUW Ltd yn cofrestru ar gyfer TAW, yn ôl‐weithredol o’r dyddiad y dechreuwyd masnachu ar Medi 1 2017. Nid yw hyn yn berthnasol i ffioedd aelodaeth Ffermwyr y Dyfodol, Ffermwyr am Oes ac Aelodau Cefn Gwlad. Bydd modd adennill y TAW a godir yn llawn trwy ffurflenni TAW’r busnes.

Mae anfonebau TAW ar gyfer Aelodaeth Lawn wedi cael eu cyhoeddi ers Ebrill 1 2 0 1 9 . Mae dwy linell ar yr anfoneb: Aelodaeth Undeb (wedi’i eithrio o TAW) a Gwasanaethau Undeb (TAW 20%). Felly, bydd taliadau i FUW Ltd yn gros o TAW.

O ganlyniad i gofrestru ôl‐weithredol, bydd yn rhaid i FUW Ltd dalu Allbwn TAW ar ffioedd aelodaeth llawn ers 1/9/17 i CthEM (HMRC). Bydd y taliad hwn yn galed iawn ar gyllid FUW, ond gall Aelodau Llawn sydd wedi’u cofrestru ar gyfer TAW, wirioneddol helpu’r undeb drwy dalu’r tâl hwn heb unrhyw gost iddynt hwy.

Dros yr wythnosau nesaf, bydd anfoneb
TAW yn unig yn cael ei rhoi i Aelodau Llawn
cyfredol sydd wedi bod yn aelodau ers Medi
1 2017. Mae’r swm yn daladwy trwy siec a rhaid
nodi eich rhif aelodaeth yn glir. Yna caiff cyfanswm gwerth yr anfoneb TAW yn unig ei adennill fel mewnbwn TAW drwy ffurflenni TAW’r busnes.

Sylwer, o bosib, ni fydd Rhif Cofrestru TAW ar gael pan fydd yr anfonebau’n cael eu hargraffu, ond bydd yn cael ei ddarparu yn ddiweddarach.

FUW Ltd is reg istering for VAT retrospectively from the d ate it beg an trad ing on September 1 2017. This d oes not apply to membership fees for Future Farmers, Farmers for Life and Countrysid e Members. VAT charg ed will be fully recoverable throug h business VAT returns.

VAT invoices for Full Membership have been issued since April 1 2019. There will be two lines on the invoice: Union Membership (exempt from VAT) and Union Services (20% VAT). Payments to FUW Ltd will therefore be g ross of VAT. As aresult of retrospective reg istration, FUW Ltd will have to pay Output VAT on full membership fees since 1/9/17 to HMRC. This payment will be really hard on the finances of FUW, but Full Members who are reg istered for VAT can really help their Union by entirely covering this charg e at no cost to them. In the next few weeks, aVAT‐only invoice will be issued to current Full Members who have held membership since September 1 2017. The amount is payable by cheque and must clearly reference your membership number. The entire value of the VAT‐only invoice will then be reclaimed as input VAT throug h business VAT returns. Note that aVAT Reg istration Number may not be available at the time of printing the invoices, but will be supplied at alater d ate.

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