New Wool Board promotion to maximise producer returns

At his farm in Dylasau Uchaf, FUW president Glyn Roberts met with Bedwyr Jones of the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB). Bedwyr has been the North Wales regional board member since April 2011. He farms 3,000 acres at Gwastadanas, Nant Gwynant, Beddgelert, runs 1,600 Welsh Mountain Ewes and has been a member of the Welsh regional committee for several years. Bedwyr gave an update of the latest information as to how farmers can optimise the potential of their wool, whatever the breed, type, location or size of flock. He also recognised that the wool market globally is tough as a result of the strong sterling for most of the selling season resulting in a lower return to producers this year than in 2015. However, Bedwyr revealed the new promotions the wool board have planned to increase demand. “the board is always looking for ways to promote wool through new and exciting initiatives, it’s vital that we maximise the returns to the producer as much as possible.” In March 2016 the board, with support from the Campaign for Wool (CfW), launched a new trade show for carpets held in London. this was the first show of its kind held in London and was well supported by the UK carpet industry and was aimed specifically at carpet retailers, manufacturers and the interior design sector. Also at the show the CfW launched a new website aimed at supplying consumer information about wool products and a search facility to highlight wool retailers in a particular area. Although only launched at the end of March, early indications are good and it is being supported by the carpet manufacturers. Glyn Roberts welcomed the new initiatives and emphasised his support for the Wool Board and the central role it plays for the Welsh sheep industry. “I’m very the glad the Wool Board are looking into new and different ways to promote wool. the agricultural industry has always got to stay ahead of the game in promoting our outstanding produce to consumers and retailers.” Bedwyr Jones also reminded the FUW of the importance of supporting the BWMB. “the BWMB is the last remaining agricultural commodity board operating on co-operative principals returning to producers the true market value for their wool, less its own costs. “I would urge all farmers to support the Wool Board – by working together we can maximise wool prices. In enables the board to offer significant volumes of quality wool to sell through an open and transparent auction system to buyers and customers all over the world. “As an union we recognise the power of collective strength and that’s why it’s important for producers to look at the long term benefits of marketing their wool through the BWMB.”

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