Nuffield Farming Scholarship: A life- changing experience

Welsh dairy farmer Rhys Williams credits his 2010 Nuffield Farming scholarship with helping him own his own farm and grow the business in the subsequent years, and he’s

keen to encourage more Welsh candidates to apply for this year’s scholarship.

“My Nuffield quickly taught me to broaden
my vision of what my business could be and to be flexible as I developed it. As a result, our share- farming business is flourishing and our own dairy herd has grown from 750 to over 1,500 cows,” Rhys explains.

Nuffield Farming scholarships are open to young people, between the ages of 22 and 45, working within the agricultural industry. The country of Wales has a strong legacy of putting forward high-class scholars year after year, including one of the first ever Nuffield Farming scholars, Jane Bennett-evans, who travelled to New Zealand in 1947 to study shepherding.

Nuffield Cymru Chairman Gareth Davies, Nsch 2012, urges Welsh agricultural professionals to consider applying for a scholarship because of the opportunities the experience can provide.

“I would strongly encourage enthusiastic, forward thinking and passionate individuals to apply for a scholarship this year. Wales has a proud record of Nuffield scholars, many of whom have become significant figures within the industry,” said Gareth.

Welsh applicants will be given as much support as they need throughout the process. “Wales has a great support structure for

potential applicants, from help with the application to the mock interviews and presentations, we can help you through the entire process – you certainly

won’t be alone,” he said.
he encourages anyone

with any interest in applying for a Nuffield Farming scholarship to please get in touch with Nuffield Cymru or

attend an event this summer. The group will host receptions at the Royal Welsh show, as well as a summer farm visit in the Vale of

Glamorgan on June 28 and 29. “Being awarded a Nuffield Farming scholarship is a fantastic opportunity, but for me the single biggest benefit was – and still is – the people that I have met during my ongoing journey. I got to meet some of the most fascinating people during my travels, including a New Zealand man who was one of the world’s foremost authorities on trees, a Texas family who bred rodeo bulls, and a family who ran a farm business entirely with horses and horse

drawn machinery!” added Gareth.
There is no need for formal qualifications in

order to apply for a Nuffield scholarship; instead, the Trust looks to unlock an individual’s potential and broaden horizons through study and travel overseas.

scholars are selected with a view to developing tomorrow’s leaders within their individual business and the industry as a whole. The Nuffield Farming scholarships Trust is now accepting applications for the 2020 scholar group, with applications closing on July 31.

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