On the search for top scholars

WE’rE on the lookout for the 2019 cohort of HCC scholars to travel the world in the name of improving of red meat industry in Wales. Two scholars are chosen each year to receive a bursary of £3,000 in order to travel overseas and study a topic within the red meat sector.

Successful scholars are then able to travel to a country (or countries) of their choice to study a particular aspect regarding sheep, beef or pork production for a period of up to six weeks.

Thecoreaimofthescholarshipistooffer individuals an opportunity to improve their own businesses and understanding as well as the understanding of the wider industry. Scholars are expected to share their findings with their counterparts through taking part in meetings and conferences and by having their scholarship report published on the HCC website.

The scholarship has been in existence for 22 years and topics that have been studied in the past range from: Lamb grading systems to pasture crop utilisation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to Techno-grazing. Whilst scholars have travelled to far- flung destinations such as new Zealand, america, australia, norway and france to research their topics.

Successful applicants also gain membership to the HCC Scholars association, a network of past scholars who are able to share advice, connections and opportunities.

Current fUW president glyn roberts is a former HCC Scholar, he travelled to new Zealand in 2001 to look at the importance of efficiencies for a sustainable agriculturalindustry.ProfessornigelScollan,who is now the Director of the Institute for global food Security is also a former scholar along with John Yeomans, Montgomeryshire sheep and beef farmer and 2018 farmers’ Weekly Sheep farmer of the Year.

Of course, the practical findings and experiences from the scholarship trips are always hugely beneficial to the Scholars. However, the feedback we often receive is that experiencing a different attitude or gaining a new perspective is equally valuable.

With Brexit around the corner,

now is the opportune time to ensure your business is as efficient as possible. The Scholarship allows farmers to experience practices in other countries, to see how they

work for other people and enterprises before bringing new ideas and innovations back to their own farms and businesses. Innovative and efficient industry practices will be vital in securing a

prosperous and sustainable future for our industry. application forms can be found on the HCC website – www.hccmpw.org.uk (under resources) along with more

information about the scholarship and past scholars. alternatively, HCC will be present at the nSa Sheep Event at glynllifon so please come over and feel free to ask us about the Scholarship or our latest work.

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