Ping! New broadband system speeds up signal and costs less

he directors of Telecom Cymraeg live and work in the farming communities of North Wales, we work with farmers and other rural businesses on a day-to-day basis to deliver telecoms and broadband in the most difficult conditions. Whether you want WIFI on a campsite, a temporary telephone system for a festival or you just want the kids to be able to do their homework online we can help, read below how Telecom Cymraeg have helped FUW members Alwyn and Lowri Williams.

by Simon Morris, Telecom Cymraeg Director

ALWYN and Lowri Williams of Cappele Farm, Cwmpananner near Cerrigydrudion, have struggled for a long time with an unreliable and expensive satellite system, it only offered 40gb a month data costing close to £70 per month. When it worked it offered variable low speeds and often delivered no connection at all.

The ‘ping’ from the system (how long it takes to respond) was a huge, 900 milliseconds, making the system feel even slower. It would make using a phone on the system impossible, or at least very frustrating. Anyone keen on online gaming would soon be throwing their equipment out of the window waiting for it to respond!

Chris from TCL arrived on site and there was a bit of a sinking feeling, the farmhouse is at the bottom of a sheltered dip. Normal broadband facility unsurprisingly wasn’t realistically available.

Chris tested for the availability of a mobile signal and couldn’t find anything because of the landscape. Walking the ground, Chris found that just a little higher than the house you could get a reliable quality mobile signal, and TCL installed a mobile broadband system on a wall mast, at a cost of just under £400, subject to a 10 per cent discount for FUW members.

Ongoing monthly costs have been reduced significantly for 25 per cent more data. Screenshots of the speed tests on the new installation are showing a stable and reliable 23.4 Mbps Download or above, and has also reduced the system lag time from 900 milliseconds to 30 milliseconds. Now Mr and Mrs Williams can use the system to improve their own local mobile signal making mobiles more practical on the farm, and useful for everything from “your dinner is ready” through to hopefully, never needed, emergency call.

The Williams’ are also considering switching from traditional landline phone to a cloud based phone system which needs no additional landline, meaning a significant monthly saving.

On first trials of the new system, Alwyn was not only surprised at how fast it was but hadn’t realised how much difference the Ping difference would make to page refresh rates, rather than sitting in front of a screen wondering if its doing anything.

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