Practicing what we preach

by Laura Howells, HCC communications officer

WhilsT many people turn to fad diets and renewed gym memberships in January, at hybu cig cymru we’ll be continuing to push our message about a healthy balanced diet and

the important role which quality red meat plays in that.

Many of you will have heard about or seen our health-focused campaign starring shane Williams, launched at the Winter Fair last year.

Following this, we have pushed the campaign one step further and taken our message of red meat being a key and healthy component of the diet to nurses and health professionals. Hybu cig cymru were present at the Nursing in Practice conference held in cardiff: a professional development and training event for GP practice nurses, district nurses and health visitors, amongst others. These primary care health professionals have direct contact with patients and are in roles where they are able to offer important advice on lifestyle and diet and so they are an important audience for our healthy red meat message.

in addition to having an exhibition stand where we shared handy information resources and healthy recipe ideas, we were delighted to also have award-winning dietician Dr. carrie Ruxton host a seminar on ‘Red Meat: friend or foe?’. carrie is part of the Meat Advisory Panel, a group of experts who combat misinformation about meat who hybu cig cymru works closely with.

carrie’s technical and scientific approach to research and nutrition saw her cut through the media’s meat misconceptions and reassure the packed audience of over 100 nurses that red meat is not only a safe aspect

of a healthy diet and lifestyle but a vital one. her message was soundly received and manydelegatesfromthedayspecifically commented how refreshing and sensible it was to hear that red meat isn’t a danger to our health and that it has a fully deserved place in the diet.

We additionally conducted a survey with the delegates attending to test their knowledge andgaintheirthoughtsaboutred meat and health. We were heartened to see that 95 per cent of nurses would recommend red meat as part of a balanced diet as well as their knowledge of red meat’score nutrients such as protein, iron and B vitamins. communicating the health benefits of Welsh red meat is a real priority for hybu cig cymru. We are firm in our beliefs that natural and high-quality protein is an integral part of human nutrition – Welsh red meat fulfils that completely and we are looking forward to continuing this work in the coming year.

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