Project looking for farmers

FaRMING ONLINE ( are currently working with Liverpool University to develop a better Liver-Fluke forecasting service (updating the Ollerenshaw Method) using satellite and computer modelling to provide more accurate data.

Part of the Liver-fluke project is that we consult industry and use their knowledge to help improve the liver-fluke model that we develop with the University. Once complete, the liver-fluke model is a service where a user can feed in their location and feed out a liver-fluke forecast for their location.

the aim is to help to decrease the chances of infection which costs the industry circa 300 million pa due to poor performance, mortality and costs of treatment. Farmers need accurate information to manage livestock to minimise risk of exposure whilst dairies, abattoirs and retailers need to know what the expected disruption to the supply chain will be due to fasciolosis and fasciolosis treatments, allowing them to plan accordingly.

We and the University are seeking professionals in the Dairy/Beef sectors who would be willing to get involved to give feedback on the model. We are also looking for farmers who would be willing to trial the model when ready for testing.

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