Putting Farming Matters in the spotlight

12UP_Page_02_Image_0001There could be no better way to show the wide spectrum of farming and rural life off in a better way than at the royal Welsh Show. A show when all those in and associated with agriculture can come together to share their wares, show-off their skills and demonstrate their true total and dedicated pride in the work they do. The FUW is the official representing voice for farmers in Wales – the voice that represents everything that matters to farmers in Wales, and everything that matters as a result of farming. All the businesses that make the wheel of our rural economy go round, and many of them will be at the royal Welsh Show, have an important role to play in our daily lives and indeed how we all survive and make a living – especially if we take into account that approximately 60,000 people are employed directly on farm businesses across Wales. It is important to remember that agriculture is the powerhouse of the rural economy, generates billions of pounds which benefit a host of industries including many not directly associated with agriculture. That’s why ‘Farming Matters’. Our focus at the show will be to put the spotlight on our rural economies, our values and share that knowledge and passion with all those who come to the show – whether they are directly or indirectly linked to farming and rural affairs. We will show how ‘Farming Matters’ to the wider economy. During the course of the week we will be meeting with key-decision makers, government, supermarkets and policy shapers to discuss why ‘Farming Matters’ and how best support our rural economy given the uncertainties over negotiations to the UK exit from the eU. Throughout the week we will be encouraging members and visitors at the stand to give us their ideas and concerns about what matters to them when deciding the future of agriculture for Wales following the referendum result. We want as many people as possible to contribute their thoughts as to what the future might look like for farming. We will also be hosting a range of seminars that will look at key topics for the industry. Look out for more details on our social media pages. In 2014 the Union welcomed the commitment made by Prime Minister David Cameron and environment Secretary Liz Truss to boost public food procurement by central government and in line with the on-going FUW campaign to keep food miles down, have ensured that the food produce served in our pavilion during the show is sourced from within Wales. We’ll hopefully have some fun along the way with an event supporting the Welsh dairy industry by promoting Welsh milk to children, and will be handing out free milk shakes. We’re once again excited to host a Pimms drinks reception on our balcony on the Wednesday afternoon in a bid to raise vital funds for the British heart Foundation-Cymru. Those who wish to join us for the event and enjoy exclusive access to the prime view over the main ring with a cold glass of Pimms, when the Senior Welsh Cob stallions are on show, can purchase a ticket from our head office in Aberystwyth by telephone 01970 820820 (£20 per person; limited number of tickets available). We look forward to meeting with all the industry stakeholders, key decision makers, politicians and of course our members throughout the show week – you are guaranteed a warm welcome!

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